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Heather Allen Hietala


Heather Allen Hietala is a studio artist creating with cloth and mixed media. Her roots in textiles inform all that she creates. Under the name Heather Allen she authored "Weaving Contemporary Rag Rugs" which introduced the ideas of surface design to the woven rug surface. Her rugs and art quilts have been exhibited internationally and published in Fiberarts, Surface Design Journal, American Craft Magazine, Fiberart's Design Book 5, 6 & 7, and International Textile Design, among others. Heather loves color and is passionately interested in creating depth and texture on the surface of cloth. Heather's work has been exhibited internationally and she has taught and lectured throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, Nepal, Thailand and Singapore. Her work was exhibited at Quilt National '11 and can be see at Blue Spiral 1, Asheville and Oeno Gallery, Ontario. Heather is a studio artist in Asheville, North Carolina.

» Artist's website: Heather Allen Hietala

Margaret Dugger

Margaret Dugger is a textile artist living in Waynesville, NC. Her practice consists of weaving and knitting with non-traditional materials. Her work has been shown in the Folk Art Center, North Carolina Arboretum and at the Shelton House Museum of Craft.

Catharine Ellis

Catharine Ellis is a weaver and natural dyer. She continues to build a deeper understanding of natural plant and insect dyes though research and experimentation. Catharine teaches workshops and exhibits internationally. The Art and Science of Natural Dyes, a book co-written with Joy Boutrup, will be available in early 2019.

» Artist's website: Catharine Ellis Textiles

Donna Hardy

Donna Hardy is the founder and President of the International Center for Indigo Culture, a 501c3 non profit, and Sea Island Indigo. Her earliest memories are of learning about plants and the natural world from her mother, as well as developing an intense inquisitiveness about fiber and textiles. Her love of plants evolved to a deep appreciation and curiosity for their various applications which lead to Donna’s driven and thorough scholarship of textiles and natural dyes with an intense focus on the history of indigo in South Carolina and Georgia. Rooted in profound history, with a deep relationship with indigo, Donna is working to create a thriving, sustainable indigo culture in America.

» Artist's website: International Center for Indigo Culture

Deanna Lynch

Deanna Lynch grew up around sewing and making and has spent many hours with thread and needle, scissors and fabric, exploring and puzzle-solving. While attending the Professional Fiber program at Haywood Community College, Deanna learned that weaving came naturally and soon realized that weaving was her passion and textiles would be her occupation. After graduating Deanna launched a line of garments and home goods incorporating her knowledge of sewing and weaving skills. Currently she exhibits her work in a variety of craft shows and galleries.

» Artist's website: Deanna Lynch Textiles

Rebecca Porche

Rebecca Porche was awarded the Dendel Scholarship from the Handweaver’s Guild of America in 2012 while studying Fiber at Haywood Community College. She has studied with several of the world’s leading teachers of natural dyes including Cathrine Ellis, Michel Garcia and Charlotte Kwon. Rebecca has assisted and attended workshops at Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts, MAIWA Textiles, Penland School of Craft and John C. Campbell Folk School. Rebecca currently teaches continuing education classes in natural dyes and quilting at Haywood Community College. She is also the owner and maker behind ALUM + IRON Textiles, a local company specializing in naturally dyed quilts.

» Artist's website: ALUM + IRON Textiles

Amy Putansu

Amy Putansu

Amy Putansu is the fiber instructor in the Professional Crafts Program at Haywood Community College. A coastal Maine native and graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, she came to the mountains in 2008 to teach full time. Her background includes primarily weaving and the business of craft. As a full time studio artist from 1998 to 2005, her hand woven accessories and garments were exhibited nationally in wearable art galleries, boutiques, and fine craft shows. Currently Amy's work explores new weaving techniques and incorporating hand dyed yarns. Amy began teaching others at places like Penland and Peter's Valley about 14 years ago.

» Artist's website: Amy Putansu Textiles

Melanie Wilder

Melanie Wilder is a fiber artist and instructor whose work emphasizes the use of natural fibers, natural dyes and locally sourced materials. She revived the weaving program at Warren Wilson College in 2009, where she has happily been teaching the next generation of weavers ever since. When not entangled in dyes and yarns, she is catching up with her growing children and husband, but mostly while they watch her spin or stitch.

» Artist's website: Wild Earth Textiles

Barbara Zaretsky

Barbara Zaretsky creates handcrafted decorative textiles for home and wardrobe. Her plant-based dyes impart a distinctive earthy palette, yet her motifs veer toward the modern. A textile artist and the founder and former director of Cloth Fiber Workshop, Barbara is originally from the Chicago area. She studied textile design at Northern Illinois University and the Art Institute of Chicago, and Art History at the University of Illinois, continuing her education at Penland School of Crafts. Barbara has many pieces in private collections across the U.S. and abroad. She is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, and was named one of the top five designers in Asheville by Southern Living magazine.

» Artist's website: BZDesign

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